The Tale of A Girl Destined to Be Herself

When we named Roenne we did two things:

  1. Cursed her with life long name mispronunciation
  2. Gave a one of a kind name to a one of a kind girl

Roenne Easter Saddington,

Despite how much this world will insist, beat, or deceive you into thinking you may need to be something that you are not, remember that you will always be our Super Roenne. Thanks for letting me talk you into wearing my $2 homemade costume – Even though I forgot to finish sewing it together until mid night before you had to wear it to school, I loved dreaming it up and stitching it together, and love that you actually liked it. =)


umma ma’am

Preschool Parade 1 - Being Super Roenne is serious business!
Preschool Parade 2 - Surely there is someone in need of saving...
Super Roenne to the rescue!

9 thoughts on “The Tale of A Girl Destined to Be Herself”

  1. Three cheers for Roenne! And for her mom and dad who encourage her to be herself in a world that tries to tell her otherwise. It took me half my life to figure that out.

  2. That’s awesome!

    I made up my own super hero as a kid. I’m still kind of a fan of that stuff – some people at work aren’t a fan of my Superman mug.

    Then again, guys like your husband have comic book hero figures sitting on their desk.

    Maybe you guys should get one made for Roenne ;)…

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