Roenne + One = SISTERS!

I’m a little behind on this announcement…but wanted to let everyone know that we found out we are having another little girl!  I kinda forget to update here when John out scoops me on Sorry!

Any who, Roenne has gone through a range of interesting opinions on having a baby sibling–from “we don’t need one of those” to “I love baby!” Luckily, now we are sitting safely on the latter. =)

I grew up with only one younger brother, so I’m blissfully ignorant of potential girl disasters to-be, BUT I was very close growing up with my cousins Jeannie (1 year older) and her sister Kathy (3 years older); therefore, I know some of the joys and tribulations to expect. I don’t pretend to be confident at all, but definitely not losing any sleep over it either.

Cheers to all the women in my life with great sisterly relationships–you inspire me! =)

Take a moment to tell a sister how much you love her today!

[image from melissa]

2 thoughts on “Roenne + One = SISTERS!”

  1. I have a younger sister…we’re a year and three months appart (in age difference) and I can tell you that we grew up very close!! I’m the oldest, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world!!! I’m sure both your girls will get along just fine!! Wish you many blessings!!

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