Pep Talk

John is super overwhelmed with work these days. He’s living in the “good tension” of a company growing at incredible speed and all the transitions that come with it (not to mention lots and lots of hard work!).

After running without break for nearly 2 weeks straight, he finally canceled all his afternoon appointments today to come home and take a nap. In truth, he could barely speak straight he was so pooped.

So, naturally, I thought “we needed to have a super serious talk, right now,” and pounced on him after he had crawled into bed. *warning: lots of The Lord of the Ring references!

Me: Hey, you need to get a grip. You’re falling down the mountain. Like, the Misty Mountain.

J: [eyes closed, smiling] The misty mountain?

Me: Yeah. Do you want to be the king under the mountain or the king on top?

J: [mumbling]

Me: Do you want to live on top of one of the two towers or in the place they make the orcs? Hmm?

J: [laughing]

Me: Because if you don’t get a grip, you’re going to fall into the crack where they make the orcs. That is all, someone’s texting me.

wanted: prize for best pep talk ever. 🙂


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