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August 2017, Hayes Valley  📷 Portrait to the People

Hello 2018 (plus 4 months)

Lest anyone (anyone?) fear, we are here and dealing with the realist real challenges that only a new human can bring. Add the ever starting start ups,John and the growing, medium-sized humans, Roenne and Arden, and its just. WOW.

Can I just say, I’ve drafted this post in my mind a drillion times since October, and this is nothing like how I thought it would go.

Then again, at this very moment, 5 month old Oliver is napping more than 30 minutes for the first time in days, and this is what I would call “fast, desperate, maybe I should be eating or sleeping” writing.

One final note before I ineloquently end this: in a world where posting news and sharing photos online has become the norm, I find myself on the far, far other side of the spectrum. I hold my news close to the heart, disperse privately, and to select groups, and then if and when the stars align with mood, baby sleep, self sleep, etc I dash out something fun to update my internet buddies, because writing is fun and its nice to share. Not because I have to.

Its just my thing now. I don’t think I’m contrarian, or rebelling against status quo, but I do iterate, and this is my next iteration.

Alright, then. Hello, baby. Bye, bye internet.

p.s. Meet Oliver, born October 27, 2017


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