New Record By Derek Webb: I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry & I Love You

i was wrong - album cover

I can’t remember the last time a song made me cry. Maybe even weep a little. Such a unique moment when emotion/lyrics/melody/arrangement of notes converge with your circumstances or someone you love’s low place…it just breaks your heart in the right way. Everything Will Change, from Derek Webb’s new record, I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry, & I Love You. Available on to preorder (with immediate digital dl).

You can find 3 of 6 music videos released on the website as well–which provides uncanny preview and insight prepurchase. Infact, the video for Everything Will Change will be on there next Tuesday, August 20.

I could probably write a post each on the personal impact of each song on my life, but the problem is just that–its extremely personal. I’ll have to revisit writing over time in bits and pieces…

The last thing I will say about the artist, Derek Webb, is that it is a rare gift to be able to dig oneself out from a deep pit far enough to write music that can self criticize and self minister in the same breath–a gift that extends to the listener found deep in the same pit, or even the words you need to console another.

As a professor of the Christian faith, I’m grateful for music like this that deals with the tensions of worldly life coexisting with other worldly ideas. It meets me in my human place with understanding of the things I wish to believe. I find great hope in such an honest starting point, instead of trekking backward to find myself with the blazing sun of conformity/failure to conform beating upon my shoulders.

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