Here We Go!

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Ever since Roenne has attended school (from about 3), the start of the new year has been the first day of school.

And it seems that way today, more than ever! I have been glued to my phone and computer all morning/afternoon making appointments, signing up for all kinds of nonsense, filling out a billion forms and making payments, arranging play dates, and accepting invitations to the “first” birthday parties of the year.

Add Arden’s paper work for starting preschool to the mix, and I’m already wondering when today will be over!

This is why I’m glad we always take a moment to enjoy the calm before the storm each year. We began a tradition a few years ago, where John and I separately take Roenne out on dates to have some special one-on-one time on the eve of the first day of school.

John wrote about his date here, and of course he has completely outdone me with his nostalgic daddy/daughter date videos and photos, but what is marriage without a little bit of healthy competition?

Well, you win this one, buddy, because my calloused and bloody fingers (y’know from all the forms) can only muster two. =)

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2nd Grade Eve Date

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