How Arden Wins At Life

On the rare (or repeat) occasion that I get caught texting/emailing instead of doing what I said I would be doing for Arden, one might overhear a conversation like this:

Arden wanders over to check on my progress…

Me: (quick, deflect!) Arden, whatcha doing so quietly in your room?

Arden: Nothing.

Me: (suspicion radar beeping) C’mon, what are you doing? I’m just curious.

Arden: You don’t need to know, you should be making my lunch. 

Round one: Arden

So, Arden eventually says she’s reading A Wrinkle In Time (the graphic novel). She disappears, and then returns to say,

Arden: Alright, I’m actually reading Harry Potter 2. But Roenne is trying to make me read 1 first and I don’t want to. I just want to read number 2!

Arden: 2, World: 0

Just another tale of A Mafia Lord Trapped In a 6 Year Old Girl’s Body.

Ice Cream for Dinner

ice cream forever

*All true stories brought to you by person who needs laughter (and ice cream) to extinguish the fiery pain.

How to be THE freak show at a Physical Therapy consultation/session:

1) Tell them your body is basically broke for no specific reason: muscle spasm in neck/shoulder, scoliosis, lingering acute carpal tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciitis, and had two babies “oh, but your kids are old enough to be at school during the day, right?”

2) Tell them you are a stay at home mom AND you homeschool so, “Ermagad, you are with your kids 24/7! Wow, thats amazing! So much respect! Continuing to talk in loud voice to maintain level of enthusiasm from first exclamation! Haha, you’re laugh/crying!”

3) Accidentally wear the stupid, holey, sweatpants (or “joggers” as the cool kids say) wth a tear (small) over the right side of your bum (plus contrast underpants!) that you continue to wear because you are cheap and try to strategically keep covered with oversized tops. Trick fail when you have to display broken body problems for assessment in sports bra.

Oh, theres so much more, but I don’t know if you can handle the “but your body isn’t normal” story. Thank you, PT!

Whats that? You want to know know about the rest of my day?


Car would not start in the morning because Roenne left her seat light on and battery was dead, had to get uber (may explain high blood pressure reading).

John did not understand text message requesting pick up from appointment because: curse of autocorrect. 2nd uber.

Discovery: John forgot to feed kids lunch! Uh oh, gonna be late for play date at Exploritorium.

Had to walk a mile (round trip) to ATM to pay for parking, because the ATM in museum was broken.

Did I mention I took the kids to the most popular childrens museum in SF during summer?

When better to run away from home and have ice cream for dinner, I ask you? And then go shopping for new sweatpants so as not to shame yourself in your multiple follow up PT appointments?

Moral of the story: If in doubt, follow your prehistoric instincts to survive and look good.

Pep Talk

John is super overwhelmed with work these days. He’s living in the “good tension” of a company growing at incredible speed and all the transitions that come with it (not to mention lots and lots of hard work!).

After running without break for nearly 2 weeks straight, he finally canceled all his afternoon appointments today to come home and take a nap. In truth, he could barely speak straight he was so pooped.

So, naturally, I thought “we needed to have a super serious talk, right now,” and pounced on him after he had crawled into bed. *warning: lots of The Lord of the Ring references!

Me: Hey, you need to get a grip. You’re falling down the mountain. Like, the Misty Mountain.

J: [eyes closed, smiling] The misty mountain?

Me: Yeah. Do you want to be the king under the mountain or the king on top?

J: [mumbling]

Me: Do you want to live on top of one of the two towers or in the place they make the orcs? Hmm?

J: [laughing]

Me: Because if you don’t get a grip, you’re going to fall into the crack where they make the orcs. That is all, someone’s texting me.

wanted: prize for best pep talk ever. 🙂


O-LIN-PICS <------ the best school fundraiser, ever!

Mary Lin O-Lin-Pics!
Mary Lin O-LIN-PICS!

Roenne’s elementary school, Mary Lin, is in the last 24 hours of fundraising, and I have been blown away by how amazing it has been-not what you usually hear!

Most often the words associated with school fundraiser are “useless stuff” (and if we are to be completely honest, “guilt purchases”) OR a huge chunk of the funds go to a 3rd party organizer, but the PTA and volunteers did such an incredible job of creating a fundraiser that was active, educational, inspiring, fun, eco-friendly and so freakishly well organized it has been a pleasure to give!

Norwegian Snowflakes! Photo cred: Jocelyn Nettles 😉

Each class represented a country and the finale event day started with a parade of nations and the classes rotated through Olympic sport stations, which were led by real Olympians or pro athletes!  There was also a central track that kids ran laps around, coached by an incredibly funny emcee. There were buddy laps, slow motion, skipping, style and more. So fun.

Going for the Gold
Going for the Gold

Really, have you heard of anything like it? This is the last chance to give. 100% of the money goes toward the school, which is made possible by the countless hours given by the dedicated members of our PTA.

The money goes to support important programs, special education, classroom needs, and the big ticket item is a school playground, which has been lost due to renovations (Atlanta Public Schools does not fund playgrounds).

This is not a desperate plea to meet goals–the $50,000 goal has been exceeded. This is an invitation to join in on something special. Just think–YOU could be a part of creating the best recess memories, ever!

I am so proud to be a part of a school community that gives as good as it gets–community service projects, partnerships with under resourced neighboring schools, and simply responding to needs and emergencies of families within the school.

If you would like to support, this is the link for Roenne’s class: Ms. Evans Fundraising. Thanks!