Yay, 2016!


Started the year our right with Korean traditional New Year’s soup: 떡국 or dduk gook in the morning (ok, it was actually lunch -_-).

Plus some kimchi, which I made for the first time from scratch a month ago and made an additional side dish of pan fried tofu with sauce. Though I envy the bountiful spreads of the legit ajooma New Year’s breakfasts, this was just right for our little fam!


A Tale of a Christmas Snicker Doodle

MY snicker doodle!
MY snicker doodle!

Eight years ago, Youngmi Kim knocked my socks off with her homemade snicker doodles. She then went on to melt my cold heart by bringing me a batch of those very special cookies as a farewell gift when we took off for TX. I have dreamed about these cookies, have tried to make them (not the same!), and you bet I will fight you with my angry mom stare if you try to take one!

Tonight, at a lovely Christmas dinner with the Kim’s and friends, Youngmi surprised me with a mixed batch of her baked goodies (Thanks, Youngmi!). I near fell speechless with crazy cookie eyes! Bless her.

So, imagine the inner cookie monster that nearly jump kicked John when he walked out of the kitchen eating a snicker doodle.


He turned and walked back into the kitchen without saying a word.

Friends, this is how you make marriage work (see photo). Merry Christmas!