Baby Talk

[Certain actions and characters in this image have been dramatized for television blogging, but are inspired by true events and a real baby]

I was worrying away while feeding Arden her last bottle before bed–no dirty diaper all day = midnight poopie surprise? Shudder. Just then she spits out her bottle, looks at me with cross-eyed distress and starts whimpering. I hoist her up, look deep into her eyes and say, “what’s wrong, baby?” in my most confident mama-will-fix-this, sugary sweet (just) slightly higher pitched voice.

“oh, no….” she says (with only her quivering eye muscles)

whimper, whimper. spurt

hefty Pause

whimper. squirt, blurp, whimper, bloop < smiles doo~ doodoodoo doo doo doodoodoo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doodoodoo don't worry. be happy.

Living at Home | Being at Home

I took a night off today to do “nothing.” It felt great to pig out on chips and a summer lovin’ popsicle whilst watching a surprisingly entertaining Mandy Moore flick from 2007. Until. [“Until,” what a hateful word you are right now!] Sigh, until I looked over to my left and saw the piles of boxes in the next room.

When will each item find a place to live in our new home? I feel anxious all the time because I have an active (read: tornado like) 4 year old who needs a place safe enough to run around in. Other than the obvious unboxing that must be done, I dread having to clean the floors to asian standard. I will not feel 100% at home until i can walk around bare footed on sparkly clean floors. Will I ever find the time to edit and publish this post?

At this point, I’m willing to pay a middle aged Korean woman (aka ajumma) sizable change to scrub the floors cinderella style. Since no one has inherited the useful talent of knowing where all of our stuff should go, I suppose I must do that myself, but I could use a mary poppins ajumma right about now, and just this once, I will shut my eyes tight and click “publish,” despite the person in me that dies a little thinking of all the typos and poor grammar in this post. OH WELL.

Until. Until I can get to those things, can I be at home? The profoundly simple answer I mockingly say to myself (in an annoying imaginary voice) is “I am home, therefore I can be.” Ah, the irony of a “good problem.” It only makes me feel ashamed for complaining…perspective, shmerspective.

Please, I beg you, spare me the Jesus jukes. I’m just taking an honest minute. All will end right wrapped up in a well edited sound track, I am sure, but today I know that it is hard. And that is all. No diy crafty finishing touches.

Its hard and I’m living with it.

Brogging For Fun and Profit

What we say and do have such an impact on children. It is a precious and sacred power that has spidey-sense beat by a long shot. And as Peter Parker’s uncle Ben says, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Almost makes you want to pull the plug on reproduction, doesn’t it?

Want to know the latest thing kids have picked up from their surroundings? Watch/listen to them play.  All I need to do is to tune into an episode of “Elephant’s House,” to find out whats spinning Roenne’s world.  So far, I’ve learned that I can come off too harshly when I discipline by how she treats her naughty stuffed animals (no, no, no blue elephant! time out!).  Also, I’ve gotten more perspective about the things that are important to me, because of how they are filtering into her consciousness.

Obviously, there’s a lot of fun discoveries to be had as well. How many “Appa’s work videos” do you think she watched before she started making her own?

Oh yeah, she’s ready to take over the family business, don’t ya think? =)

*Note 1: Yes, for all those concerned, that is Arden crying via monitor as she had woken up 30 minutes into her nap (which is approximately a baby’s REM cycle, I am told). She fell asleep again shortly there after.

**Note 2: My heart is swelling with pride and happiness, as I managed the entire video process of record, download, hack into @tentblogger’s vimeo account, upload video, embed video, steal one of @tentblogger’s videos, and publish blog. /end triumphant boasting/

Babies Don’t Keep

I am loving this sweet poster that I found on  I’m grateful to have a big little reminder to deeply savor each second I get to hold my newborn (and even my big girl!) in my arms, and not merely survive these days in the weeds. Yes, even when my back is about to give out, and my arms can barely hold on to my big ol’ 14 pounder!

Can you believe Joni Lay created this little piece and is giving it away for free? Go get one for yourself (what are you still doing here?) or if you don’t have a little babe, pass it on to a deserving parent in your life!

The Tale of A Girl Destined to Be Herself

When we named Roenne we did two things:

  1. Cursed her with life long name mispronunciation
  2. Gave a one of a kind name to a one of a kind girl

Roenne Easter Saddington,

Despite how much this world will insist, beat, or deceive you into thinking you may need to be something that you are not, remember that you will always be our Super Roenne. Thanks for letting me talk you into wearing my $2 homemade costume – Even though I forgot to finish sewing it together until mid night before you had to wear it to school, I loved dreaming it up and stitching it together, and love that you actually liked it. =)


umma ma’am

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Roenne + One = SISTERS!

I’m a little behind on this announcement…but wanted to let everyone know that we found out we are having another little girl!  I kinda forget to update here when John out scoops me on Sorry!

Any who, Roenne has gone through a range of interesting opinions on having a baby sibling–from “we don’t need one of those” to “I love baby!” Luckily, now we are sitting safely on the latter. =)

I grew up with only one younger brother, so I’m blissfully ignorant of potential girl disasters to-be, BUT I was very close growing up with my cousins Jeannie (1 year older) and her sister Kathy (3 years older); therefore, I know some of the joys and tribulations to expect. I don’t pretend to be confident at all, but definitely not losing any sleep over it either.

Cheers to all the women in my life with great sisterly relationships–you inspire me! =)

Take a moment to tell a sister how much you love her today!

[image from melissa]