That day an ankle sprain evolved into a broken leg

Tiny girl, sad mama. On the X-ray table.

Never shush the parental 6th sense that says “go see the doctor just in case.” Toes and foot were wiggly, bc tendon was in tact, but bone was broken all along. Only cried when accident happened, and dried up easily, but children have a membrane around the bone that minimizes pain in a fracture. Good thing we decided to take her in though all appeared fine.

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A Tale of a Christmas Snicker Doodle

MY snicker doodle!
MY snicker doodle!

Eight years ago, Youngmi Kim knocked my socks off with her homemade snicker doodles. She then went on to melt my cold heart by bringing me a batch of those very special cookies as a farewell gift when we took off for TX. I have dreamed about these cookies, have tried to make them (not the same!), and you bet I will fight you with my angry mom stare if you try to take one!

Tonight, at a lovely Christmas dinner with the Kim’s and friends, Youngmi surprised me with a mixed batch of her baked goodies (Thanks, Youngmi!). I near fell speechless with crazy cookie eyes! Bless her.

So, imagine the inner cookie monster that nearly jump kicked John when he walked out of the kitchen eating a snicker doodle.


He turned and walked back into the kitchen without saying a word.

Friends, this is how you make marriage work (see photo). Merry Christmas!

Photo Fun II: Roenne

Queen of Pops. October 12, 2013

What an epic week of celebrating the first born’s 7 years of living: Day-of party whilst visiting family in Tampa, class party, and a dance party extravaganza; we (the parents) have celebration fatigue, but perhaps that is what happens to 30 years oldish people. No, just us? ok. We do it up big because we only party every other year. 2 years maybe just enough time to recover for 9th birthday festivities (cross fingers).

Which reminds me…after being sucked into, spun around, and spit out of a mind numbing busy season, I am finally getting around to part II of my family photo series. I find a lot of sense in posting Roenne’s solo photos to punctuate the close of 7th birthday mania, but I may be feeling some procrastination shame that these were taken days before she turned 6. Sigh, each year she loses some of her childish qualities and I’m feeling nostalgic for those baby faced times!

Lest I forget, Family Photos Pro Tip #2: Magic words! Our older girl has trouble producing a “natural smile” for photos, but if we have her say her favorite food, “Chocolate” it brings the sweetest smile to her face!

And now for your viewing pleasure: Roenne Easter Saddington, age 6! One year late or shockingly well timed year of growth documentation? I report, you decide. 😉

Esther Havens 2012
Esther Havens 2012
Esther Havens 2012
Esther Havens 2012
Esther Havens 2012
Esther Havens 2012
Esther Havens 2012

Roenne the artist, dancer, poser, poet, singer, talker, charmer, bouncer, rule police, partier, trouble maker, sister, daughter, friend–you are a perfect little package of life. We see you–all of you! Happy 7 years, Roenne Easter!

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Queen of Pops. October 12, 2013
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
King of Pops birthday breakfast. Showing off some big sister skills. October 12, 2013



Family Photos 2010

Last year we had an incredible opportunity to have our photos taken by Esther Havens, our amazing and dear friend. She was the perfect person to help us celebrate a landmark year. Putting some of those images on my updated About page reminded me of my intentions to blog about those photos. The problem is that there are just too many good ones to narrow down! So, I decided to group them and turn it into a series. I will also sprinkle in some fun behind the scenes happenings and family photo shoot tips (ones that worked for us, anyway!).


I.  November 2010, pro tip #1: great lighting is everything!

II. October 2012, Roenne

III. October 2012, couples shots I

IV. October 2012, girls

V. October 2012, family I

VI. October 2012, Arden

VII. October 2012, couple shots II

Before launching into that, I was reminded of yet another thing I forgot to blog–our awesome family photos from 2010! John’s co-worker at the time, Amber Castleberry, was cranking up her photography business, and we were excited to have her capture our pre-Arden family. =)

I feel foolish admitting this, but I remember feeling so bummed out that the fall leaves had all turned brown by the day of the photo shoot–I had specifically wanted to be in the middle of a forrest surrounded by all the gorgeous autumn foliage. What we got instead was spectacular lighting that filtered through spare branches and lit up the leaves into a golden carpet as far as the eye could see!

So, without further ado, here are Amber’s photos to get this fun family photo series started!

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