How to BTS + Middle School

My BTS loving 12 year old executed a serious, FOR REAL school project about a Kpop band. And I am now officially that judgy mom, who has been forced to eat my condescension and give props to a fanatic tween, also known as my daughter. Love her, and will eat this humble pie with pleasure. ūüôā

Roenne learns the dance from “Boy with Luv”

Roenne’s Tedx speech about the power of fandom (or as I heard it, about why her lame mom should not judge her about being obsessed with BTS):

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August 2017, Hayes Valley¬†¬†📷¬†Portrait to the People

Hello 2018 (plus 4 months)

Lest anyone (anyone?) fear, we are here and dealing with the realist real challenges that only a new human can bring. Add the ever starting start ups,John and the growing, medium-sized humans, Roenne and Arden, and its just. WOW.

Can I just say, I’ve drafted this post in my mind a drillion times since October, and this is nothing like how I thought it would go.

Then again, at this very moment, 5 month old Oliver is napping more than 30 minutes for the first time in days, and this is what I would call “fast, desperate, maybe I should be eating or sleeping” writing.

One final note before I ineloquently end this: in a world where posting news and sharing photos online has become the norm, I find myself on the far, far other side of the spectrum. I hold my news close to the heart, disperse privately, and to select groups, and then if and when the stars align with mood, baby sleep, self sleep, etc I dash out something fun to update my internet buddies, because writing is fun and its nice to share. Not because I have to.

Its just my thing now. I don’t think I’m contrarian, or rebelling against status quo, but I do iterate, and this is my next iteration.

Alright, then. Hello, baby. Bye, bye internet.

p.s. Meet Oliver, born October 27, 2017


Keeping the Romance Alive

imageOh, you know just geeking out at the Hunger Games exhibit while the babies are at summer camps. No big deal. imageEeeek. Are the odds in my favor? imageWhat? NOOOOOOO! Not you!imageI volunteer!

I didn’t know it could be so fun to blow $100! $50 for two adult tickets and………image imageJohn insisted on buying the overpriced “you guys are suckers” goodies. And though my cheap Asian pride was loathe to admit it…..they were OH so worth it! Behold:image


Yes, I know….I completely married up. What a gem.

Yay, 2016!


Started the year our right with Korean traditional New Year’s soup: ŽĖ°ÍĶ≠ or dduk gook in the morning (ok, it was actually lunch -_-).

Plus some kimchi, which I made for the first time from scratch a month ago and¬†made an additional side dish of pan fried tofu with sauce. Though I envy the bountiful spreads of the legit ajooma New Year’s breakfasts, this was just right for our little fam!


Made up a whole new Halloween genre

Theres a lot of creativity required when trying to pull off Halloween whilst moving into a new home. Behold: zombie doctor, Arden!

Zombie Doctor
Zombie Doctor

And her victims/patients (she gobbled us up, and then felt ethically bound to stitching the wounds):

Madame Pirate
Madame Pirate

All stitched up, but beginning to turn
All stitched up, but beginning to turn (Roenne and I also had stitches upon the flesh)

When theres no time or inclination to carve pumpkins....(draw, cut out, stick em on lamps)
When theres no time or inclination to carve pumpkins….(children draw, adults cut out the tricky parts, and stick em on lamps)

So grateful for a fun, first Halloween in San Francisco. Our friends, Florrie, Kevin, Annabelle and Leo (another Atlanta transplant family) were gracious enough to invite us to their famous street in Cole Valley (Belvedere), which had a live band and awesomely decorated houses. #scaryblessed

Also, special shout out to mom, Carol¬†Saddington for buying the doctor and pirate dress ups for Arden’s birthday in January. Went a long way towards helping¬†us hack together another zero spend Halloween!

Super fierce Annabelle as Cleo (bad photog mommy couldn't get child out of the shadow)
Super fierce Annabelle as Cleo (bad photog mommy couldn’t get child out of the shadow)

Here We Go!

photo (14)

Ever since Roenne has attended school (from about 3), the start of the new year has been the first day of school.

And it seems that way today, more than ever! I have been glued to my phone and computer all morning/afternoon making appointments, signing up for all kinds of nonsense, filling out a billion forms and making payments, arranging play dates, and accepting invitations to the “first” birthday parties of the year.

Add Arden’s paper work for starting preschool to the mix, and I’m already wondering when today will be over!

This is why I’m glad we always take a moment to enjoy the calm before the storm each year. We began a tradition a few years ago, where John and I separately take Roenne out on dates to have some special one-on-one time on the eve of the first day of school.

John wrote about his date here, and of course he has completely outdone me with his nostalgic daddy/daughter date videos and photos, but what is marriage without a little bit of healthy competition?

Well, you win this one, buddy, because my calloused and bloody fingers (y’know from all the forms) can only muster two. =)

photo (13)
2nd Grade Eve Date

Fresh Hairs: Little Girls Edition

I really wanted to squeeze in hair trims for Roenne and Arden before school started; unfortunately, the only available appointment fell right at Arden’s nap time. GAH. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

getting straight ironed
getting straight ironed

One more try! Lord, let that not be a real gang sign.
One more try! Lord, let that not be a real gang sign.

One car nap, and a bowl of strawberries later…

Innocent as a lamb
Innocent as a lamb

I think they're ready for school...but is school ready for Arden?
I think they’re ready for school…but is school ready for Arden?

Mother’s Day Happiness 2014

Favorite thing about today: laughing all day–with my dear friend over how slow I am at shopping (and therefore inferior to her); having thoughtful husband of said friend yell “Hufflepuff!” upon seeing me wearing my new hat; over hearing Arden say, “I’m sorry dad for being mean to you and saying you can’t sing (now will you please tell me a bed time story?);” and finally, because of my husband, who makes me laugh more than anyone else alive.

Happy Mother’s Day, indeed.

Motherhood facilitators
Motherhood facilitators