Brogging For Fun and Profit

What we say and do have such an impact on children. It is a precious and sacred power that has spidey-sense beat by a long shot. And as Peter Parker’s uncle Ben says, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Almost makes you want to pull the plug on reproduction, doesn’t it?

Want to know the latest thing kids have picked up from their surroundings? Watch/listen to them play.  All I need to do is to tune into an episode of “Elephant’s House,” to find out whats spinning Roenne’s world.  So far, I’ve learned that I can come off too harshly when I discipline by how she treats her naughty stuffed animals (no, no, no blue elephant! time out!).  Also, I’ve gotten more perspective about the things that are important to me, because of how they are filtering into her consciousness.

Obviously, there’s a lot of fun discoveries to be had as well. How many “Appa’s work videos” do you think she watched before she started making her own?

Oh yeah, she’s ready to take over the family business, don’t ya think? =)

*Note 1: Yes, for all those concerned, that is Arden crying via monitor as she had woken up 30 minutes into her nap (which is approximately a baby’s REM cycle, I am told). She fell asleep again shortly there after.

**Note 2: My heart is swelling with pride and happiness, as I managed the entire video process of record, download, hack into @tentblogger’s vimeo account, upload video, embed video, steal one of @tentblogger’s videos, and publish blog. /end triumphant boasting/

13 thoughts on “Brogging For Fun and Profit”

    1. i promise that was TOTALLY in the wild. i fed her none of that content, nor did i prompt her. all i said was “1, 2, 3, go” after i heard her saying something about elmer being a tentblogger. hahaha..=)

  1. I am convinced nothing tells me more about how I am doing with the girls than watching them playing with their stuffed animals. Everything is there out in the open. Every time I really pay attention I am convicted. Don’t always do a lot better, but I am convicted.

  2. She is so adorable!!! Congrats on your successful hacking & sharing & stealing. 🙂

    I hear you on the kids picking up our habits. Apparently I get more frustrated with my youngest than the other two. He speaks with an angry voice more than the others. Listening to your kids is a humbling thing.

    Thanks for sharing!

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