How Arden Wins At Life

On the rare (or repeat) occasion that I get caught texting/emailing instead of doing what I said I would be doing for Arden, one might overhear a conversation like this:

Arden wanders over to check on my progress…

Me: (quick, deflect!) Arden, whatcha doing so quietly in your room?

Arden: Nothing.

Me: (suspicion radar beeping) C’mon, what are you doing? I’m just curious.

Arden: You don’t need to know, you should be making my lunch. 

Round one: Arden

So, Arden eventually says she’s reading A Wrinkle In Time (the graphic novel). She disappears, and then returns to say,

Arden: Alright, I’m actually reading Harry Potter 2. But Roenne is trying to make me read 1 first and I don’t want to. I just want to read number 2!

Arden: 2, World: 0

Just another tale of A Mafia Lord Trapped In a 6 Year Old Girl’s Body.