O-LIN-PICS <------ the best school fundraiser, ever!

Mary Lin O-Lin-Pics!
Mary Lin O-LIN-PICS!

Roenne’s elementary school, Mary Lin, is in the last 24 hours of fundraising, and I have been blown away by how amazing it has been-not what you usually hear!

Most often the words associated with school fundraiser are “useless stuff” (and if we are to be completely honest, “guilt purchases”) OR a huge chunk of the funds go to a 3rd party organizer, but the PTA and volunteers did such an incredible job of creating a fundraiser that was active, educational, inspiring, fun, eco-friendly and so freakishly well organized it has been a pleasure to give!

Norwegian Snowflakes! Photo cred: Jocelyn Nettles 😉

Each class represented a country and the finale event day started with a parade of nations and the classes rotated through Olympic sport stations, which were led by real Olympians or pro athletes!  There was also a central track that kids ran laps around, coached by an incredibly funny emcee. There were buddy laps, slow motion, skipping, style and more. So fun.

Going for the Gold
Going for the Gold

Really, have you heard of anything like it? This is the last chance to give. 100% of the money goes toward the school, which is made possible by the countless hours given by the dedicated members of our PTA.

The money goes to support important programs, special education, classroom needs, and the big ticket item is a school playground, which has been lost due to renovations (Atlanta Public Schools does not fund playgrounds).

This is not a desperate plea to meet goals–the $50,000 goal has been exceeded. This is an invitation to join in on something special. Just think–YOU could be a part of creating the best recess memories, ever!

I am so proud to be a part of a school community that gives as good as it gets–community service projects, partnerships with under resourced neighboring schools, and simply responding to needs and emergencies of families within the school.

If you would like to support, this is the link for Roenne’s class: Ms. Evans Fundraising. Thanks!