A Tale of a Christmas Snicker Doodle

MY snicker doodle!
MY snicker doodle!

Eight years ago, Youngmi Kim knocked my socks off with her homemade snicker doodles. She then went on to melt my cold heart by bringing me a batch of those very special cookies as a farewell gift when we took off for TX. I have dreamed about these cookies, have tried to make them (not the same!), and you bet I will fight you with my angry mom stare if you try to take one!

Tonight, at a lovely Christmas dinner with the Kim’s and friends, Youngmi surprised me with a mixed batch of her baked goodies (Thanks, Youngmi!). I near fell speechless with crazy cookie eyes! Bless her.

So, imagine the inner cookie monster that nearly jump kicked John when he walked out of the kitchen eating a snicker doodle.


He turned and walked back into the kitchen without saying a word.

Friends, this is how you make marriage work (see photo). Merry Christmas!

Duck Dynasty Cray, Cray

duck dynasty

I rarely bother to weigh in on hot topics that so often fall upon us like a gail and fizzle out when no one’s looking, but I recently read a great post by Jen Hatmaker that does a good job of summing up my thoughts on the Duck Dynasty cray, cray, and it made me want to applaud and say “finally, something those ‘Christians’ need to hear!”

There are not enough words to convey my irritation with Christians on the Internet. Part of the ire is a self loathing that stems from my inability to give grace over their ignorance and bad behavior, as I believe I am called to do as a believer of Jesus.

And in a moment of unsought for clarity, I see that in this way both sides fall into the same trap of comfort–isn’t it nice to give into anger and feel you have all the right to be so? Its fiery fingers hug us tight, making us hard pressed to give up the warmth of the flames….reminds the angel on my right shoulder.

Quicker still is the devil on the left, “How far off the mark those people can be, perched on their holy hill with their righteous indignation. So puffed up they are in their crusade to say what is ‘right,’ they forget what it means to make a difference.”

Who is right? Who is wrong, and what difference does it really make? The answer is none–no difference at all when the fight becomes more important than the people. What lessons we have still to relearn.

Jesus didn’t tell us to make the gospel right. He didn’t tell us to make it law. He told us to make it real. -J. Hatmaker

As stirred up as I was when I began this piece, I feel the ashes settle into a tiny heap at the bottom of my weary soul. Its quiet now, and I know false “anger comfort” for what it is–the kind that deserts you in the blink of an eye; and the hard questions still remain, such as:

Is it more important to make a point, or to make a difference?

This question only has a bias toward true life change. It shames away the layers of self deception on both sides of the argument, if you will endure the discomfort of being stripped down to your most honest self.

I’m grateful that my pastor, Andy Stanley, gave me this small, but powerful question to make war with anything that deceptively gets in the way of making a real difference in this world.

Though I could keep this in-real-time soul wrestling private, I’ve decided to expose my personal struggle if it might mean someone else may come to see this debate for what it really is: a distraction from the things that really matter.

Hey, its Christmas Eve, after all–a particularly important day of contemplation for those who believe in the birth of Christ, that moment that made all the difference.