Family Photos 2010

Last year we had an incredible opportunity to have our photos taken by Esther Havens, our amazing and dear friend. She was the perfect person to help us celebrate a landmark year. Putting some of those images on my updated About page reminded me of my intentions to blog about those photos. The problem is that there are just too many good ones to narrow down! So, I decided to group them and turn it into a series. I will also sprinkle in some fun behind the scenes happenings and family photo shoot tips (ones that worked for us, anyway!).


I.  November 2010, pro tip #1: great lighting is everything!

II. October 2012, Roenne

III. October 2012, couples shots I

IV. October 2012, girls

V. October 2012, family I

VI. October 2012, Arden

VII. October 2012, couple shots II

Before launching into that, I was reminded of yet another thing I forgot to blog–our awesome family photos from 2010! John’s co-worker at the time, Amber Castleberry, was cranking up her photography business, and we were excited to have her capture our pre-Arden family. =)

I feel foolish admitting this, but I remember feeling so bummed out that the fall leaves had all turned brown by the day of the photo shoot–I had specifically wanted to be in the middle of a forrest surrounded by all the gorgeous autumn foliage. What we got instead was spectacular lighting that filtered through spare branches and lit up the leaves into a golden carpet as far as the eye could see!

So, without further ado, here are Amber’s photos to get this fun family photo series started!

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New Record By Derek Webb: I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry & I Love You

i was wrong - album cover

I can’t remember the last time a song made me cry. Maybe even weep a little. Such a unique moment when emotion/lyrics/melody/arrangement of notes converge with your circumstances or someone you love’s low place…it just breaks your heart in the right way. Everything Will Change, from Derek Webb’s new record, I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry, & I Love You. Available on to preorder (with immediate digital dl).

You can find 3 of 6 music videos released on the website as well–which provides uncanny preview and insight prepurchase. Infact, the video for Everything Will Change will be on there next Tuesday, August 20.

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Window Treatment Candy

My heart skipped a beat when I saw each of these images–something about how the light shines through the window treatments captured my affections!

wallpaper chevron

Don’t you think the interaction of wallpaper/drapes/light in Diesel’s nursery is kinda spectacular?  sigh.

pattern drapes

And here in Charlie and Sloane’s nursery, I feel like the light through the pattern creates unexpected texture. So lovely!

I have to say these blog posts have remained open on my browser for quite some time because it made me so happy to look through the images every once in a while. As a side note, because I know some of you can not help but wonder–the answer is “NO!” We are not pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Good design is good design, and I follow a lot of mommy/design blogs out there, so I come across a lot of nursery rooms. Seriously, there are no babies on the brain, just design appreciation, the end!