Roenne + One = SISTERS!

I’m a little behind on this announcement…but wanted to let everyone know that we found out we are having another little girl!  I kinda forget to update here when John out scoops me on Sorry!

Any who, Roenne has gone through a range of interesting opinions on having a baby sibling–from “we don’t need one of those” to “I love baby!” Luckily, now we are sitting safely on the latter. =)

I grew up with only one younger brother, so I’m blissfully ignorant of potential girl disasters to-be, BUT I was very close growing up with my cousins Jeannie (1 year older) and her sister Kathy (3 years older); therefore, I know some of the joys and tribulations to expect. I don’t pretend to be confident at all, but definitely not losing any sleep over it either.

Cheers to all the women in my life with great sisterly relationships–you inspire me! =)

Take a moment to tell a sister how much you love her today!

[image from melissa]


So many people to thank for bringing this blog and first post to life: Roy, this is a super special illustration that our family will cherish deeply forever and ever. And Gina, thanks for your “jja jang myun” story which inspired the art concept! Jared, John keeps you busy enough as it is…thanks for taking a few minutes to help set up the blogs! Roenne, you supply endless amounts of joy to all our lives, and you will make a GREAT big sister! =)